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Hey, Welcome to FitnessAsk. We welcome you with full of our hearts to take full leverage of all of the information and guidance we have.

So talking about our self, we are a couple of bloggers started with a vision of having a website with certain crisp and to the point information about health and fitness. We are passionate enough about our work. We also like to take the opportunity to invite to participate in this vision by mentioning the ideas or comments about our writing and what we can write in the future.


As a part of our services, we offer you all of the health & fitness information based on experience and R&D. We also try to offer you some of the tools and best practices to adopt in your daily life that will help you to live long. But majorly we are in content writing and would be best pleased to write the content that can be best utilized by our users.

Anything written in our blog is totally based on blogger research and ideas. You should not take any action before knowing your actual condition or without consulting any healthcare. For example if we are writing some benefits of fruit then it might possible that you are allergic to that fruit.

We are always open to feedback and suggestion from our users because ultimately this is something for them… HaHa!!

So after about so much of chant about our self, it important to introduce our selves a little bit more. Uff..finally on target of what are we here for… 🙂

So as we said we are a couple of bloggers who loves to write the stuff and this particular initiative is regarding fitness. We have almost two and a half health advisor(the half one is beginner we don’t count her professional). But yeah we have fitness professionals as well among us who work individually as well.

In this blog basically, so far we are concentrating following content

  • First daily routine health advice
  • Fitness exercise for good health – not for bodybuilding
  • Bodybuilding exercises
  • Pregnancy Help

At last, We would like to say please write to us at mailto:admin@ or comment on our blogs. You can utilize our contact us page to reach us out.

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