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The Body Mass Index calculator can be used to calculate BMI values with the help of the corresponding height and weight of an individual. To use the tool below you just have to enter your weight and height to get your exact BMI value.

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What is BMI?

BMI is Body Mass Index. You can drive your BMI from the weight and height of an individual. An individual can be categorized as underweight, normal weight, or obese based on BMI value. For categorization commonly accepted BMI ranges are defined.

Here are commaonly accepted BMI ranges

Underweight = under 18.5

normal weight = 18.5 to 25

overweight = 25 to 30

obese over = 30

BMIs under 20.0 and over 25.0 have been associated with higher all-cause mortality These ranges of BMI vary based on factors such as region and age, and are sometimes further divided into subcategories such as severely underweight or very severely obese. To see the values of subcatogories of BMI you can follow the table below.

BMI Table

Being overweight or underweight both have associated risk. If you are overweight then it will increase the risk of serious diseases and health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, low quality of life and if you are underweight risks associated risk are malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies, anemia, decrease in immune funtion etc.

So, for a healthy life try to maintain your BMI scale.You can achieve this with the help of healthy eating habbits and workout.

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