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Immunity Booster Drink

Immunity is basically our body’s defense mechanism in which our body responds to foreign particles such as bacteria, pathogens, viruses, etc.

To Boost our immunity we need some supplements or nutrients which helps in building our immune system so that our body can fight against various illness.

In this article, we will discuss a drink that is made up of only a few ingredients and provide you a strong immune system. so that your body can fight against several viruses and bacteria.

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We only need a few ingredients which are easily available at home.


  • Black Pepper (Kali Mirch)
  • Cinnamon (Dal Cheeni)
  • Basil Leaves (Tulsi Leaves)
  • ginger or ginger powder
  • Raisin (Munakka)
  • Jaggery (Optional)
  • Lemon (Optional)


  1. Take-Two Cup of water and start boiling it.
  2. Now add some black pepper powder, cinnamon, Basil Leaves or powder, ginger powder, and 2-3 raisin in it.
  3. Boil it until it becomes half.
  4. Add a little jaggery in it.
  5. Strain in a cup and drink it hot.
  6. You can also add a few drops of fresh lemon in it to enhance the taste (Lemon is also a good source of vitamin C)

Benefits :

  • Boost Immunity During Covid-19 with it (You can either drink this twice a day or you must have at least once a day).
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Good in case of common cold and cough.

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